Before You Wing It… Pack



I’m going to keep this real simple… think of everything you need to pack for your trip and then cut it in half. Then cut it in half again. Aaaaand one more time. Good, now take out a few more items and you should be good to go.

I’m serious- you want to pack as light as possible. For however long you’re travelling, your entire life will be in the bag on your back and that can start to feel pretty heavy, pretty quick (that reminds me, make sure you add a good, solid backpack to your budget, something with an aluminum frame backing and a waste buckle).

Whatever you think you absolutely can’t do without… trust me, you can. If you’re sticking to the “hot zone”, which is pretty much everywhere except China, Korea and Japan from October to April, you’ll only need one pair of long pants, one long sleeve shirt and maybe one sweater. The rest can be shorts and light T-shirts. Pack one nice shirt or dress for nights out, but keep in mind that you’re going to be picking up plenty of clothes on the way for cheap, so anything you pack, you should be willing to part with on the fly. Same goes for jewelry, books, blankets, pillows, bathing suits, towels and toiletries.

I’m not going to list everything you should and shouldn’t bring. There’s plenty of other blogs and websites you can check out for extensive lists. I’m trying to say don’t listen to them. Go for minimalism. 99% of anything you forget can be easily found in most places you’re travelling to. Except sunscreen. And bug spray. For God’s sake, back both those things and in plentiful supply.


  • Invest in a good, comfortable pair of hiking boots that you will run into the ground
  • Headlamps! Pack at least two, they’re cheap
  • A solid rain coat (bonus if you buy a backpack with a pull-out rain cover included)
  • A travel sewing kit
  • Band-Aids and other first-aid supplies (don’t go nuts)
  • Electrolyte powder

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